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Haircut Now - The Walk-In Appointment App

Appointments are great, but sometimes people reschedule or don't show up! Fill the gaps in your calendar with the Haircut Now App! Our app is free to download and use; if you decide to accept a walk-in appointment request, we will keep $10 of your service charge as our referral fee. The client will pay us the first $10 and deliver you the balance so there's no need to give us any bank account information.

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The Haircut Now app is similar to uber because when clients request an appointment, the requests are sent to every barber within 5 miles of their desired location. 

No need to worry about double bookings or conflicts with your current system because our clients can only book up to two hours into the future, so it's a great way to pick up a client in between gaps or when someone cancels. 

Our unique app allows you an equal opportunity to compete with every barber in your area regardless of shop size or location, barbers in suites have the same opportunities as a barber in a busy strip mall. 

No credit card or bank account is needed, discount the first service by $10, and that's it!



All Our Appointments Are Same-Day Appointments

How it works:

• The client puts up a haircut request and that request is sent to you and every barber within a 5-mile radius
• The client makes a choice among the barbers who accepted the haircut request
• We collect a $10 deposit which we retain as our referral fee to secure the appointment.
• If chosen we notify you that you have a new haircut appointment
• The client pays you the balance owed for their fresh haircut plus any tips at the chair.
• No out-of-pocket expenses for you and no need to provide us with any financial information.
• Your ultimate cost is $10 because we keep the first $10 of the first haircut appointment and you keep every penny going forward because after the first appointment we're no longer involved. 

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How it works:

• The client puts up a haircut request, and that request is sent to every barber within their area.

• The client chooses among the barbers who accepted the appointment request

• We collect a $10 deposit to secure the appointment, which we retain as our referral fee.

• We notify the chosen barber that they have a new haircut appointment.

• The client pays the barber the balance owed for their fresh haircut plus any tips at the chair.

• No out-of-pocket expenses for the barber and no need to provide us with any financial information.

• Your ultimate cost is $10 because we keep the first $10 of the first haircut appointment, and you keep every penny in the future.

What makes us different from other barber booking apps?

• First and foremost, we're not a barber appointment management app; we only generate walk-in appointments and do not manage your ongoing clientele.

• Our app is designed for walk-in appointments only

• Our app requires clients to book their haircut appointment within two hours of the time of the request.

• Our requests go out to multiple barbers at a time, and the client chooses among the barbers who accept by browsing their galleries.

• We don't charge any subscription fees

• No Financial information is required

• We are designed to generate new clientele for barbers available for a walk-in but do not manage your existing clientele.

• You reserve the option to accept or decline haircut appointments based on your availability.

Haircut Now is recognized as the only walk-in appointment app for local barbers. Whether you're a new barber looking to build your clientele or an experienced barber looking to fill gaps in your calendar, we are here to help.

With this free barber app, you are in the center of the large community of clients who look for professional barbers to get haircuts.

Download Haircut Now Biz for free on your Android device, complete your profile, specify your shop hours, and leave the rest to us. We will notify you when a request matches your area and schedule. Booked, no problem, decline or ignore the request, and another barber will pick it up.

Haircut Now Biz, the free appointment generating platform for barbers, comes with a clean and neat design, and the interface is so user-friendly that you will get the whole idea as soon as receiving the first haircut appointment request. You can always accept or decline any incoming haircut appointment requests.

Grow your business: Too busy to promote yourself and invest in marketing, or maybe you can use an assist? We've got you covered. We advertise through numerous websites and social media platforms for clients looking for nearby barbers or stylists who can take a same-day appointment.

Why don't you give our appointment generating app a try?

Haircut Now Biz is just another tool to grow your business. You wouldn't use just one pair of clippers, so why use one app? Our app even sets the bar higher by allowing you to sync with your phone's calendar and manage all your appointments in one place for no additional cost.

Since all the features of Haircut Now Biz are available for free, there is no harm in giving it a try and exploring the features for yourself.

Haircut Now Biz's main features at a glance:

• Clean and neat design with a fresh and intuitive interface

• Free calendar sync to manage walk-in appointments or appointments by phone

• Quick setup (15 minutes or less)

• No financial information is needed

• Accept haircut appointments if available or decline if not

• Showcase your gallery of haircuts

• Free to use & download with no ads or subscription fees