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The larger the number the longer the haircut

Haircut numbers are confusing to most people. It would be best to never choose your haircut without asking anything else first. Your hair is essential to you, and you should make sure that it looks nice every day.

There are different types of haircuts, and they range from short to long.

Short haircuts are popular among men and women who work in offices.

Longer haircuts are often associated with older men.

Clipper guards represent different lengths of hair that will be trimmed off by using the hair clippers. Some clipper sets come with eight guards, and each guard represents how much hair will be trimmed off. A more significant number means that less hair will be trimmed.

For example, if a person uses a hair clipper set with ten guards, they will get a haircut that is 10 inches long. A number 2 haircut is a haircut with 1/4 inch of guard attached to the clippers. A number 1 haircut is a very short haircut corresponding to a 1//8 inch length. A number 3 haircut is a haircut with 3/8 inch of the guard. A number 4 haircut is a haircut with half an inch of the guard.

In this way, men can ask for a number 0, 1, 2,3, 4, 5,6,7, or 8 haircut, with a number zero meaning no guard is used, leaving 1/16th of an inch of hair.

Here are some of the most popular haircuts you can ask for

  • Faded haircuts were made famous by black-owned barbershops. The hair on the back and sides are tapered as close as possible with clippers and then "faded" up to the top of the head

  • The skin high fade is a classic haircut for straight hair. Skin high fade is a classic haircut for men that works independently or as the base for any edgy hairstyles. Skin fade follows a line that starts from the corner of the brow and goes straight back to the neckline. Just tell your barber you're looking for a skin fade and not a shadow fade. Skin fade tapers hair right down until it meets the skin. Shadow fade tapers hair from short hair at the headline to even shorter hair near the neckline.

  • The classic fade is a hairstyle where the top hair is left long and tapered down with a razor or clippers to blend into the skin around the neck. This style also works well if you want to add more length to your hair without spending hours styling it.

  • A mid-fade haircut is when your hair fades out evenly over half your head starting at a certain point. It's great because it makes your face look longer and more defined. You can do this with short hair as well.

  • The close-cropped fade is a crop top haircut paired with a long fringe on the forehead that works well with a beard and subtle men's makeup to hide any pimples or skin imperfections. This hairstyle can be paired with a short fringe cut near the hairline or a short fringe cut down the forehead.

  • Tapered fade haircuts start off longer at the top and get shorter as you go down. Longer hair is kept up by using a comb. Short hair is done by cutting around the ears and neck. Hair is kept out of the eyes by wearing hats.

  • Buzzcut fades are very popular among men in 2022. This style gives a man a clean shave without cutting off too much hair. After this style, the man's sideburns are trimmed to a uniform length. He also gets a perfect fade.

  • The buzz cut features a slightly closer trimmed back and sides with a more extended patch of hair left on the top.

We can go on and on forever because there are many haircuts to choose from, so most barbershops have posters to help you decide. 

If you are more of a visual person, you may want to visit our "hairstyles for men page" to see all the different hairstyles mentioned and then some. 

Once decided download the Haircut Now App and request a haircut appointment from an available barber in your area. 

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