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Client App Download Page: Image


Sometimes you can't schedule a haircut appointment, so you need the Haircut Now app! Our free app connects you with nearby barbers available NOW to cut your hair.

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Because you're looking for a barber not, a barbershop. The barbers in about 90% of barbershops rent their chairs from the shop and are not employees. The barbershop doesn't set their rates or schedules which is why each barber may charge a different amount for their services and have different availability.

Some barbershops don't have a website or phone number because as mentioned before the barbers within the barbershop are small business owners who individually promote their services.

The haircut now app helps you find the needle in the haystack. We help you find out who's available, who's the best barber in the shop, and we help you get upfront pricing.

Barbershops are great places to get a haircut but the barber makes all the difference. You can book appointments on our app, and you can make smarter decisions when it comes to choosing a barber.

Haircut Now makes it easy to find the right barber near you. Whether you want a clean, classic haircut, fade, mohawk, men's medium hairstyle, or female cut and style you can be sure to find a barber that will meet your needs on the Haircut Now app. 

Download the app today and start finding the right barber for you


  • Find a nearby barber with immediate availability

  • Input the budget you would like to pay

  • Browse barber galleries of previous haircut photos

  • Choose from multiple barbers with availability

  • Schedule last-minute same-day appointments

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